CellBlock 13 Sergeant Jockstrap

The CellBlock 13 Sergeant Jockstrap is definitely one of the sexiest and comfiest jockstraps you'll ever own. Made of soft poly stretch fabric, the new Sergeant Jockstrap features a pouch that's extra-thin, semi see-through and finely ribbed. Logos and a custom patch on the brushed 1" elastic waistband mark this as authentic CB13 gear. It features a brand new logo waistband design, contrasting mesh body and high-quality performance mesh fabric for fit and comfort. The single-ply pouch is made of contoured mesh with a center seam.Made of 90% Polyamide and 10% Spandex.
Small (S) 28-30"
Medium (M) 31-32"
Large (L) 33-34"
Extra Large (XL) 35-36"
Machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Low heat tumble dry or hang dry. Do not iron or dry clean.

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