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Breedwell Breedcore Mesh Brief Black


Size Guide
Size Chart - Breedwell
Breedwell underwear and fetish wear for men


Size Inches
Small (S) 28-30"
Medium (M) 30-31"
Large (L) 32-34"
Extra Large (XL) 35-36"
Extra Extra Large (XXL) 36-40”


Size Inches
Twink 10-14"
Small / Medium (S/M) 12-16"
Large / Extra Large (L/XL) 14-18"

Bulldog Harness

Size Inches
Small/Medium (S/M) 35-42"
Large/Extra Large (L/XL) 42-49"
2XL / 3XL 48-56"

Circuit Harness

Size Inches
Twink 33-37"
Small/Medium (S/M) 37-41"
Large/Extra Large (L/XL) 42-48"

$12.50 USD $25.00 USD

The Breedwell Breedcore Mesh Brief is innovative, fashionable, and hardcore comfortable. Perfect for everyday wear or perfect for an underwear party, it features Breedwell's signature soft athletic mesh that's sexy yet modest and designed to enhance what you're already packin'. The waistband has a raised rubberized logo and chevron arrow design on both front and back. And, to top it all off, it comes with twin hidden pockets on each side of the pouch which is for all those essentials that you can't leave at the clothes check.
Wash with like colors with color safe detergent and tumble dry on low heat.