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Breedwell Trade Jockstrap


Size Guide
Size Chart - Breedwell
Breedwell underwear and fetish wear for men


Size Inches
Small (S) 28-30"
Medium (M) 30-31"
Large (L) 32-34"
Extra Large (XL) 35-36"
Extra Extra Large (XXL) 36-40”


Size Inches
Twink 10-14"
Small / Medium (S/M) 12-16"
Large / Extra Large (L/XL) 14-18"

Bulldog Harness

Size Inches
Small/Medium (S/M) 35-42"
Large/Extra Large (L/XL) 42-49"
2XL / 3XL 48-56"

Circuit Harness

Size Inches
Twink 33-37"
Small/Medium (S/M) 37-41"
Large/Extra Large (L/XL) 42-48"

$13.50 USD $27.00 USD

The Breedwell Trade Jock is a must have in your drawer. You can wear it to the gym and to the club. It's simple and stylish, but never basic. It features a sexy, cotton, ribbed pouch and striped leg straps. The cleverly placed logo on the waistband is the only thing that will draw their eyes away from your prize. Trust us, in this Trade, you're gonna get laid.
Hand wash. Hang dry.